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The Real Nikki Haley

Hillary Clinton Is an Inspiration to Nikki Haley

In a 2012 interview with the New York Times, Nikki Haley said, “The reason I actually ran for office is because of Hillary Clinton.” (New York Times, 4/4/12)


Haley Supported Paul Ryan’s Plan for Entitlement Reform, Threatening Medicare and Social Security

Haley “praised Ryan’s Medicare proposal at the time and said lawmakers should examine Medicare and Social Security spending to address federal debt.” (Washington Post, 2/9/23)


“What they need to be doing is looking at entitlements,” Haley said in a 2010 interview on Fox News. “Look at Social Security. Look at Medicaid. Look at Medicare. Look at these things, and let’s actually go to the heart of what is causing government to grow, and tackle that.”


In a tweet highlighting a news article about Social Security costs, Haley wrote, “the pandemic is expected to weigh on the financial condition of Social Security” and that it is “time for Congress to start cutting not spending.” (Twitter, 4/23/20)


Instead of Finding a Peaceful Solution to the Ukraine-Russia War, Haley Has Supported Sending More American Fighter Planes to Fuel the War 

Haley gave an interview on FOX News and said the United States should get “Ukraine what they’ve asked for, which is those planes.” (Tweet, 4/28/22)


She also admitted the Ukraine invasion “never would have happened” under President Trump: "As much as everybody wants to talk about what he says, what I look at is what he did. He sanctioned Russia. He expelled diplomats. He shut off Nord Stream 2. He built up our military, and he made us energy independent. All of those things countered Putin and countered Russia. This never would have happened under Trump." (Meet the Press interview, 3/6/22)


Haley is Weak on Immigration and Does Not Support a Border Wall 

She has been critical of ending birthright citizenship and building a wall along the Mexican border. (USA Today opinion, 9/5/15)


HALEY: “Legal Immigrants are more patriotic than most Americans these days.” (Dom Giordano Show, 9/8/22)


Haley defended Barack Obama when President Trump criticized the former president on weak immigration policies that puts Americans at risk. (CNN, 1/13/16) 


Haley’s deputy at the United Nations is a Never Trumper and helped Mark Zuckerberg create his open borders lobbying group. (Breitbart, 4/17/18)


The group “serves as an open borders lobbying group for Silicon Valley’s tech conglomerates. FWD.us is a pro-amnesty, pro-foreign labor organization funded by the elites of Silicon Valley – including Zuckerberg, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.”


Haley Did Not Support a Transgender Bathroom Bill to Protect Children

A South Carolina lawmaker introduced a bill on Wednesday that would mandate that public restrooms and school bathrooms in the Palmetto State only be used based on the gender listed on a person’s birth certificate. (Washington Post, 4/7/16)


HALEY: “I don’t believe it’s necessary.”


President Trump Brought Otto Warmbier Back Home from Nork Korea, When Obama and Others Failed

 The Warmbiers credited Trump with securing Otto's release in June of 2017, after he spent 17 months in detention in North Korea. (USA Today, 9/14/19)


President Trump brought the Warmbier Family to the State of the Union to honor their son and highlight their efforts to bring him back home. (YouTube video, 1/30/18)


Haley Flip Flops On 2024 Race

An Associated Press reporter asked if she would support the former President if he chooses to run again. She bluntly responded, “yes.” (Breitbart, 4/12/21)


HALEY: “I would not run if President Trump ran.” (Tweet, 4/12/21)

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