- October 4, 2023 - 

Trump Campaign Raised Over $45.5 Million in Q3 with More Than $37.5 Million Cash On Hand

Mar-a-Lago, FL — Donald J. Trump for President 2024 raised more than $45.5 million in the third quarter, with over $37.5 million cash on hand.


In an impressive testament to the overwhelming grassroots support behind President Trump that will lead to dominating victories, close to $36 million of the total cash on hand is designated for the primary.


Meanwhile, the DeSanctimonious campaign admits to only having $5 million cash on hand available for the primary election— a grave indication that Ron's candidacy may not live to see the Iowa caucuses in January, or even, the end of this month.


While DeSanctus' fundraising, like his poll numbers, has seen an exponential drop even from July, President Trump outraised his impressive $35 million haul in Q2 (which doubled Q1 fundraising) by more than $10 million. 


The Q3 numbers are even more impressive considering the Summer months are usually when most campaigns experience lagging fundraising support. President Trump and his campaign have completely shattered that notion.

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