- April 10, 2024 - 

Trump Campaign Response to Dishonest Joe Biden and His Campaign

If it is a day that ends in “Y,” DISHONEST Joe and his team are lying. Let’s compare:


President Trump could not have been more clear. These decisions should be left to the states to “determine by vote or legislation or perhaps both.”


DISHONEST Joe’s position is also clear. He supports aborting an unborn child up until the moment of birth and even after birth -- he also wants to make American taxpayers pay for it.


Joe Biden is a WEAK and FAILED president whose agenda is radically out of touch with the majority of Americans. Whether on the issue of abortion, his open border bloodbath, migrant crime, fentanyl overdoses, rising cost of living, and out-of-control cost of groceries, the Biden Misery Index is so high that voters are ready to send him packing in November. 

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